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Helping Homeowners with Tax Sales Overages and Mortgages Overages

At VJ Tax Liens Certificate Investor we specialized in helping homeowners to claimed  funds from tax sales and mortgages overages from foreclosures procedures.

Real Estate Investment in Tax liens/deed properties

VJ Tax Liens Certificate Investor, LLC established DEC. 2021. We specialized helping homeowners recoup overages from their foreclosures sales. We took the time to understand the state laws and know how to go about seeking their funds if there's any overages. Why would we allow the government to keep the overages, when it belongs to the homeowners?

**Definition of Unclaimed Money:**

Unclaimed money refers to funds that have been generated from the sale of properties through foreclosure, typically due to unpaid property taxes.

**Foreclosure Sales and Surplus Funds:**

   In the event that the property goes into foreclosure and is sold at auction, the proceeds from the sale are used to cover the unpaid taxes and any associated fees. However, if the sale generates more money than needed to cover these costs, the excess funds are considered surplus. This is where we come in and collect those funds for you.

. **Distribution of Surplus Funds:**

   Clarify that surplus funds are not automatically distributed to the previous property owner. Instead, they are typically held by the government or a relevant authority. The process and regulations regarding the distribution of surplus funds can vary by jurisdiction.


Secrets Of Tax Liens and Tax Deeds Investing.

Secrets of Tax Liens Investing in the United States have over 3,000 counties. Fixed interest rates vary from state counties starting at 5% to 48%. The redemption period varies as well from 30 days, 6 months, 1-4 years based on the State. Property owners will have time to redeem their property. To review the secrets of tax liens and the interest rates go to: https://www.secretsoftaxlieninvesting.com/state-info

What are Tax Liens?

What are Tax Liens?

Tax liens are when property owner's are delinquent on their taxes. The county steps in and sells them to the investors. This helps with the county revenues that includes, schools, police/fire departments, hospitals/ambulance services, parks/recreations, community colleges, roads/streets and transportation. As you can see, paying your taxes helps the county to operate for the services that we need. If you want to invest in tax liens and get a listings of all the counties auction dates, email me and I will provide you with more details to register.

What are Tax Deeds?

What are Tax Deeds?

Tax deeds are when the property have reached their redemption period for the owners to pay back their taxes. If taxes are not paid, you the as the investor can start the application process for ownership of the property. To learn more about tax deed investing, see my resources listed.

What are Surplus from Foreclosure Settlement?

Tax Sales Overages

Are created when the county conducts the tax sales. There are different of tax sales. Tax deeds transfers ownership of a property IMMEDIATELY. Tax liens and redeemable deeds transfer ownership of a property to the investor, but the homeowner has a certain period up to 2 hours to redeem their property. Tax deeds have investors bidding for ownership but Tax Liens have investors only bidding for a lien against the property but they don't own the property.

Mortgage Overages

Are created when a bank initiates a foreclosure and a hire a trustee or a referee (usually a law firm) to conduct the foreclosure sale and they auction the property off to the public. If an investor purchases a property for more that what's owed then an overage is created. These funds are being held in a different place whereas the tax sales overages are held by the county. If these funds remains unclaimed for too long, it will go to the state.

Important Note to Understand

When properties are sold back to the bank (in case of mortgage overages) OR the county (in case of tax sale overages) then overage is not created. In other words, if the property goes to auction and is not sold to a third party-then there is no overage created. The bank or the county is now the new homeowner of the property.



Hello Homeowners,

Through no fault of your own, you may be facing one of the greatest challenges of your life - how to prevent your property from being foreclosed upon.

Why let the bank take your most valued asset and leave you with nothing? Fortunately, alternatives exist. In fact, there are seven ways you can avoid foreclosure. They are: 1) Refinance; 2) Bring your mortgage current; 3) Create a "workout" with the bank; 4) Declare Bankruptcy; 5) Create "share equity"; 6) Transfer title and 7) Sell the property quickly. If you'd like to discuss the sale of your property, learn more about 'subject to' and how it benefits you, or even the possibility of refinancing, please feel free to contact the office at (703) 662-1983 or send us an email at SelenaVJ@vjtaxlienscertificateinvestor.com

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